We at Zenith Herbal personally been hearing about Gumbi Gumbi for years now, and some really amazing stories have come our way. The list of conditions that this herb can help is very long, because GG works mainly by boosting the immune system. The powerful ingredients work quickly to cause changes in the body – by taking the leaf powder orally or putting a compound containing the leaf powder onto the skin.

It’s the most important thing was to source good quality leaf powder, and that became a big problem for us.

Greed and dodgy practice have become common in Australia. The price of GG leaves for tea has gone from $100 to $1000. Suppliers are cutting their powder with twigs, fruit and seeds, and leaves from another “gumbi gumbi” tree. Really? Price for bulk powder was up to $800 and it wasn’t even pure Pittosporum angustifolia any longer. And we were not informed of the change.

If this isn’t taking advantage of sick people, then I’m a kangaroo’s auntie.

Hands-on time! We came to Australia to see the operation for ourselves, and there it was – pure clean fresh P. angustifolia leaf powder, cool-processed, with no additives.

So look out World. Here it comes!