my notesI met Elizabeth in South Australia over ten years ago when I was nursing there. We remained friends, as she tried many things for her worsening fibromyalgia. She developed other health problems because of the drugs she tried for the condition. When I found out about gumbi gumbi, I suggested that she try it.

Elizabeth’s Story

I was unwell for years before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over the following ten years, I became so miserable that the thought of suicide was always lurking in the shadows. The constant pain, drugs and tiredness sucked all the joy out of my life, and I had stomach ulcers and was addicted to opiates. I don’t know how my husband managed to put up with me. We were dedicated “wine buffs.” My business folded, and I could see no real future. I felt like my life was finished.

Over the years, I tried different natural therapies, but only with short term success. I knew I should change my diet, but it was all too hard. Food and wine were my only pleasures, and I put on a lot of weight, which made getting around even harder.

Ruth sent me some gumbi gumbi capsules in July last year, and I started taking them in August. I had no hopes that this tree, that actually grows along our street (!) would do me any good. In September I realized that I was having a good month. The pain was less, I was sleeping much better than usual, and I felt like I had some energy. Wow. But I was not going to let my scepticism go easily.

By Christmas I admitted that the gumbi gumbi was working. Pain levels were two out of ten, and so was the depression. I was able to shop and visit friends. I had started to exercise and eat better, and the scales told me I’d lost five kilograms (11 pounds).

This year has been the best year in my living memory. I am so grateful to be so well again, and happy, and able to repay my darling husband for all of his love and tolerance. This winter I have not had one cold or flu or stomach bug, no vomiting or diarrhoea, or candida. It’s obvious that my immune system is strengthened. I’ve stopped taking the pain drugs, and that was a difficult time. Now I’m using nothing but the Zen Pain Drops, and they really do work.

Who would have thought… an Australian tree. I have started five friends on gumbi gumbi for different problems, and all five are really impressed. I think I should get a commission. Love you Ruth.