my notesAdrienne was one of the first to trial my gumbi tincture for skin cancer. She was a long-time user of bloodroot salve.





Adrienne’s Story:

Since I was about fifty years old, I had skin cancers regularly pop up, and I was in the habit of using the black salve to get rid of them.

Keeping up with alternative remedies, I found out about gumbi gumbi and thought I would like to try it. Ruth sent me a little bottle of the gumbi tincture to try out, as I had some new spots I needed to treat. She wanted some guinea pigs to report on how it worked for them.

I applied the tiniest bit of the liquid twice every day, and watched in wonder as the lump and the scabby area disappeared. They took between one week, and one month to disappear completely. It was so much less painful than the black salve, and I didn’t have to deal with the cavity afterwards. Brilliant.  I wish more people knew about it!

Many thanks for this new weapon that I can share with friends and family.