my notesAlex heard about gumbi in a Facebook group, did some reading and decided to try it for the auto-immune condition called ‘scleroderma.’ He took the gumbi gumbi capsules.


Alex writes:

I thought I had arthritis, but the symptoms became worse, the skin on my knuckles became tight, and I was having circulation problems too. The doctor said I had scleroderma. I did a lot of reading about it, and the possible natural ways to treat it. I joined some Facebook groups, and learnt a lot about auto-immune conditions. Of course I changed my diet when I learned that leaky gut is the major cause of auto-immune problems.

The diet and probiotics did help to a degree, and then I decided to try the gumbi gumbi after someone posted about great results with his fibromyalgia.

I was less than one month taking the capsules and I could actually see and feel the difference in my joints. Now it’s three months, and I’m continuing to improve. My bowel issues have gone, and I’ve got my old energy for life back again. My wife thanks you too 😉