my notes

Alison’s cattle dog broke out in multiple cancers on the skin. The vet’s prognosis was very poor, and he recommended putting the dog to sleep. Alison decided to try the gumbi gumbi first, and then bloodroot if it didn’t work. She used the tincture.


Alison writes:

I was devastated when the vet told me there was not much hope for Rogue. He was twelve years old, and I’d had him since he was six weeks. I tried giving him the gumbi tea, but predictably I guess, he didn’t like it. So I bought some bulk powder and made a tincture with alcohol and a little DMSO.

I swabbed the lumps, all ten of them, twice a day with the tincture, and one week later, they were flattening out. The dark colour faded as theĀ  lumps got smaller. Every single tumour disappeared.

When there was nothing left to see, I gave Rogue gumbi capsules every day for one month, for his immune system, to hopefully keep those nasties from coming back.

I’m very pleased with the results. Thanks so much for giving me back my furry mate.