my notesCandy sent me an email about her experience with Lyme Disease, and I’ve had to shrink her story down because it was so long. But I’ve left the most important parts for you to read. She tried the gumbi tea but could not stomach it, and moved on with gumbi capsules.


Candy Writes

For about three years I was tired all the time, never any energy like I used to have, and I started having headaches every few days. I had so many blood tests that never found anything. Different doctors gave me different diagnoses, and tried me on various medications, but nothing worked. Then I had a strange rash and I described it to a friend, and she said I might have Lyme Disease. Long story short, I tested positive for the Borrelia burgdorferi. I wasn’t sure if I should feel relieved that I didn’t have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or if I should be more worried.

I managed to stick with the antibiotics for almost a month, but they made me feel sick. On top of the weakness it was just to much to bear. My joints were getting achy, and sometimes my fingers and toes would tingle uncomfortable. It was a really horrible time for me.

This was when I began to look at natural therapies. I tried several that I read about, and improved my diet, and did a parasite cleanse. And I did feel better for a while.

The turning point for me came when a relative of mine, who was in the Bloodroot Discussion Group on Facebook, contacted me. She told me about gumbi gumbi and said it was worth a try. Lovely lady, she sent me my first two bottles of gumbi capsules. I started with three capsules three times per day.

It would be a bargain at twice the price. Heartfelt thanks to Auntie Jen, and to Ruth as well for putting this stuff out there. It’s given me back my life, and I’m going to value it more than ever!