my notesI met Dorrie when I was nursing, and she’d had psoriasis since she was a child. Nothing seemed to work for her, as far as medical treatments went. Diet sometimes helped, and when I heard that gumbi gumbi may be good for the condition, I made her an oil infusion of the herb.


Dorrie says:

I tried so many things for the psoriasis and nothing seemed to help for long. It never got any better over the years, and sometimes it got really bad. I was more than willing to try the gumbi gumbi when Ruth offered it to me, and it’s been my magic oil. I haven’t had a break-out for months, and in the summer I could wear sleeveless tops without feeling embarrassed. I use it every day as a skin moisturizer, and I love it.

I gave some of the oil to my niece to try for her eczema, and she is really happy at how it works. We should all pass this along.