my notesI met Evan in the early 2000s, and I was shocked when he told me he had emphysema. It progressed slowly but surely. When I found out about gumbi gumbi, I got excited and sent him a couple of bottles of capsules to try.


Evan writes:

I was an occasional smoker in 2007 when I went for a medical and the doctor told me I had emphysema. It was a devastating time for my wife and myself because we had two young children. I was fifty years old. For years the symptoms were non-existent to slight, and I tried not to think about the elephant in the corner. Then I began to get breathless, and I developed an annoying cough.

At the time I found out I had the disease, I’d been working as a counsellor in a men’s prison, and one of the first friends I confided in was a nurse who also worked there.

In 2015 the nurse phoned me, and said I should get some gumbi gumbi, because it was getting results with emphysema. She actually sent me two bottles because she knows I’m a procrastinator. And I took the capsules religiously.

One month later, my wife commented, your cough has gone. We just looked at each other. The breathlessness had been decreasing to the point where I was taking a daily walk again. My energy was up, and the quality of my sleep had really improved.

I have hope now that I will see my kids grow up. Gumbi gumbi is great stuff! Thanks again, Ruthie.