my notesI was really excited to read Janie’s story, and she is over-the-moon! Janie tried GG capsules, hoping for a result with her MS. And her daughter Heather is super happy too.

Janie Writes:

I’m Janie from Florida, and I was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) three years ago last week. I spent thousands of dollars on specialists and different drugs, and I was getting so depressed because nothing seemed to work. I kept getting worse, and I was expecting to die in my wheelchair. My daughter Heather was taking it really hard. We live together.

Last December, Heather went to Australia for work, and someone told her about gumbi gumbi, which had made a huge difference with Parkinsons Disease. We found gumbi gumbi capsules here in the USA, and they gave me a bottle for free. I began to take two with each meal.

The first thing I noticed, after only three days, was the muscle pain lessening. Then the urinary problems improved, and then the numbness and tingling in my feet actually WENT AWAY. The constant fear of death went at the same time. And I could feel my energy coming back.

During the months I’ve been taking the gumbi gumbi, my symptoms have all but disappeared. I can take walks again, and I can see better. The constipation and urinary problems are gone, and my speech is good again. Poor Heather. I got very quiet there for six months or so. But I don’t complain about my arthritis any more, because it’s gone the way of the MS!

We are both absolutely thrilled about our results, and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. We don’t need to tell people about gumbi gumbi because everyone is asking what happened!