my notesI received Morris’s story from his daughter, because they wanted to “pass on the blessing.” Morris was really pleased with his results, and hopes someone else might be inspired to try it, and “not give up the ghost.” Morris is 78.


Morris Writes

I wanted to tell you my story so maybe someone like me could read it and escape the grim reaper a few years more.

I smoked like a chimney my whole life, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when the doc told me it was lung cancer. I already knew the signs, and I had them all. I was looking down the gloomy track of chemotherapy etc. to final lights out. I’d seen what happened to family and friends who had chemo. So I did nothing for months. I had no wife to nag me.

Then an old aboriginal mate brought me some leaves and said, “You better have these, mate. It’s gumbi gumbi and makes you better.” I had nothing to lose by trying koala food, so I used to blend the leaves up in yogurt. And I really started to feel better. My daughter heard about what I was doing, and posted me gumbi gumbi capsules she bought off the internet. They were better than the green yogurt.

Four months later, and all the cancer signs are gone, the coughing, the blood, the running out of puff all the time. My daughter says I should go back to the doc, but I think it would be bad luck. Gumbi gumbi has taken years off me, and I’m sleeping great. I’m even doing my own fencing again.

The same aboriginal fella gave gumbi gumbi to a neighbour of mine, and she put it in some kind of cream to put on her dermatitis rash or some other skin condition. She reckons it’s all cleared up after thirty years. You should be making something like that.