my notesNoel was 75 and almost bedridden with arthritis for nearly two years. His wife Emily was his caregiver, and she tried many types of treatments for Noel’s ‘arthuritis,’ as he calls it.


Emily Writes

Noel’s arthritis began to get the better of him when he was 65. All the pills the doctor gave him had side-effects, and some were pretty severe. So we mainly tried to manage the pain. But we were always trying something new in the way of diet or supplements that might help. Sometimes things would seem to go well for a while, and it was a constant disappointment, to me anyway, when things didn’t work out as I’d hoped. Glucosamine with chondroitin and MSM was probably the best thing we found.

Noel was always cheerful though, and I loved him for that. I knew he was hurting and he didn’t feel the need to tell me all the time.

Noel’s sister Ginny was my partner in crime, and often came up with information or ideas for us to try. We found the Gumby gumby discussion group on Facebook after reading about it online. And

By July, he was a new man, and now we walk every day, sit and play cards and read, things we could not enjoy for years. It’s a joy to see him so relaxed and enjoying his life again, and I will always be grateful to those wonderful people who give their time to share what they have learnt about ways of alternative health.

Gumbi gumbi is marvellous! Thank you, thank you.