my notesAimee suffered eczema since she was three years old, and Pauline suffered with her. She tried so many different ways to ease the little one’s condition. She used the gumbi gumbi balm and also the capsules, which she opened and gave to Aimee in honey.



Pauline writes:

It was a nightmare trying to cope with Aimee’s eczema, and I felt so badly for my little daughter. I was afraid it would be a life-long problem for her. I can’t imagine having to deal with this as a life-long problem, through teenage years etc. I was always doing internet searches and trying natural things, and eventually came to gumbi gumbi. We tried the skin balm and the capsules, and saw results within a week. I was mildly hopeful at first, but now I am a huge supporter, and absolutely over the moon with the results. Aimee is now five, and has the perfect skin of a normal five year old.