my notesSally asked her friend Bea to send me her story, because she has no computer and doesn’t like to go out of her house. It was Bea who initially contacted me about Sally’s skin problems. I told her how to infuse the gumbi gumbi powder in coconut oil to make a salve for her many actinic keratoses.

Bea Writes:

I’ve known Sally for a long time, and as she got older she had a lot of sun damage show up on her face and shoulders and arms. For the past year or so, she’s been getting rough scaly patches that wouldn’t heal. The doctor said he could scrape them off with a scalpel and then cauterize, but Sally was terrified. She did try the Efudex cream but it made her sick for weeks. She was so upset and she thought she would die ugly covered in skin cancers.

I contacted Zenith Herbal to ask about using black salve, which I’d seen before. Together we decided that gumbi gumbi would be a better thing for Sally to try. The little bag of powder arrived in the mail two days later, and I mixed it into the oil and left it to sit for a week, shaking the bottle twice every day.

Sally put the oil on the scaly patches two or three times every day, and one month later, she looks like a different woman. The patches have just about all faded away, and Sally swears she will never put anything else on her skin. She wants me to tell you that she is SO grateful. I love that you showed such care for her. Thanks from us here in Dakota.