my notes

Susan was trying bloodroot capsules for a breast cancer, and though the size remained static over three months, it wasn’t shrinking as we’d hoped. So I suggested she try the gumbi capsules instead. It turns out that she actually took the two together, so that leaves some questions.

Susan Writes

I had a friend who had really great results with bloodroot for a thyroid cancer. I started out with a lot of confidence, and though my breast cancer stopped growing, it didn’t shrink at all. When the gumbi gumbi was suggested to me, I decided to take it, and continue with the bloodroot at the same time. I’m all for the multi-pronged attack, diet, herbs, essential oils etc. because I have a lot to live for.

Right from the beginning, I felt peaceful, and kinda contented, strangely. I can’t say why. I started sleeping better and my bad dreams stopped. AND the tumor got a bit smaller every month! I had some Herxing symptoms every couple of weeks, so I had the occasional fast to help clean out.

Now I’m officially in remission after four months of taking gumbi and bloodroot together. The tumor is no longer visible on the scan. Praise God for His healing herbs, and the people who tell us about them.