my notesThomas had advanced stomach cancer and was very ill. He wanted to use the gumbi tea, but decided it tasted too disgusting – even with the addition of mint leaves. His sister Norma was his live-in support, and she contacted me for an alternative to the tea. I sent them some gumbi leaf powder.



Thomas’s sister writes:

Here as promised is our story about using the gumbi. Sorry I took so long. I kept a diary and I will summarize the experience for you, because it’s fifty pages or more. My brother was coming up to his 64th birthday when we began.

After Thomas would not take the tea, capsules were not an option because he could never swallow pills of any kind. Your suggestion to put the powder in honey worked very well for him. He took it three times each day. After one week he didn’t need so many pain killers, and I saw that he had more energy.

He improved a little each day, and began to gain weight, which was a very good thing as he’d lost twenty kilograms (almost fifty pounds). His motivation rose so much that he began an exercise regimen, and began to make changes to become vegan. And I joined in. He discontinued all drugs during week four. After two months, you would not have recognized him from the sick man in the bed.

At this point, Thomas decided to give up on the oncologist. He is still taking the gumbi powder twice a day, and now we have bought a motor home, and we are preparing to take a long road trip – a dream that Thomas believed had been lost to him.

We are hugely grateful for this powder, and will share about it with others.